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Bulk Food Bins


Most of our business is indirect, but we only highlight stories that relate to our direct customers. Overcoming challenges for our indirect customers keeps us lean, focused and in touch with a wider world than we would otherwise see. The stories below are shaped by that experience, and we hope they inspire you think of us when you are ready for a stronger link in your supply chain.

Bakery Merchandiser

     This project began with the need to merchandise a range of SKUs and quantities with a freestanding display in a growing convenience store market. The previous display was an OTS countertop merchandiser that limited growth due the scarcity of counterspace. The customer requested doors and also a price competitive with their previous generic solution.

     To save cost and boost durability in the field, we chose clear polycarbonate, clear coated baltic birch for the legs, white alumimum composite for the stabilizer and 1/2" polypropylene for the top and bottom. The polypropylene enabled a pivot for each door rather than more costly and distracting hinges, and the large flat surfaces of the legs and stabilizer provided plenty of real estate for branding.

     We chose to develop a 3D model before constructing the sample in order to "fail fast" on our way to exceeding customer expectations. 

Stay Tuned for More!

     Until our next project story drops, enjoy this fun napkin sketch from our logo design history. Notice how it differs from the final embodiment and let us know what you think: did we make a good decision in the end or should we have stuck to the formula as recorded?

     Give us a shout at, and while you've got our attention, let us know about your next project.

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