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Hanging Gallon Holder

The Hanging Gallon Holder is designed to store empty gallon jugs where you need them without using valuable space. Simply snap 4 to 8 empty gallons into the holder, hang the holder in a blank space overhead and pull a gallon down when you need it. NSF Certification not required.

Hanging Gallon Holder

  • This Hanging Gallon Holder holds 4 gallons from two moveable layers. That makes a total of 8 gallons. The upper layer is able to hang 2" below the hook and the lower layer is able to hang 16" below the the hook. The Center rod is 18" in length. 

  • This need was first articulated to us from a CFA in South Carolina. 

    Your Hanging Gallon Holder was designed and manufactured by C&D Plastics, Inc. on South Main Street in Collierville, Tennessee.

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